Helping kids speak english through technology

Our Focus

Helping Your Child Become Fluent in English.

Want to build your own Smart Village Education Center in your village?

About Us

After-School Activity Centers to help your child become an expert in English.

At Krishworks, we help your child master english, through a 6 month program which teaches your child the basics in English communication.
Our classes take your child on a journey through activities such as skits, role playing activities, comprehension, and quizzes, delivered through instructions in your local language.
With the help of a facilitator, the classes are conducted through tablet based educational games and content, meaning that high quality is assured day after day, week after week in every single class.
At the end of the program, your child will be able to read, write, think and speak in English.
Admissions are open for children of classes 2 - 7.


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