Helping kids speak english through technology

Our Focus

Helping Your Child Speak Confidently in English.

Want to build your own Smart Village Education Center in your village?

Our Classroom

After-School Activity Centers to help your child become an expert in English.

Students from classes 1 to 8 learn to communicate, read and write in English.
Phonetic method of teaching helps them in improving their pronunciation skills.
They take part in various activities such as interactions, role playing, english speech, skits etc.
Complete digital classroom equipped with tablet based solutions makes learning interesting and engaging for kids.
Unique “Techie Teacher” application platform running on tablets mitigates the lack of english speaking skills of the teacher.
Students are provided with an environment where they can speak to their friends and teacher in english.
Students learn to speak English fluently within a span of 6 to 7 months. Later they turn out to be smart confident english communicators.


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