Villagers are happy to see their kids speak in English.

My apologies for not being able to write since last few weeks. We were too busy starting our 1st center. Since it was our 1st such initiative we had a truck load of expectations from many corners and we were determined not to let down our well wishers.

The 1st class started on 12th September, 2017. As per our deal with a village micro-entrepreneur we are supposed to provide 2 weeks of free classes to few kids from his school, after which he will start off with a paid program. He had chosen a few kids from his primary school to attend this “After School English Activity”. Likewise a teacher was also appointed, to whom we supplied all the resources such as curriculum, worksheets, tablet devices etc. The teacher was also trained by us in this process.

We started off by taking a short test of the students using ASER tool. The goal was to identify the standard of the students.


Most of the kids were barely at word level. They were able to read few words with difficulty. Very few could read a paragraph and further a story, but no one could tell the meaning of the sentence they were reading.

These students were then engaged in various activities & lessons like warm up activities, chain activities, role plays along with lessons from our curriculum.


The outcome was then presented in front of parents at the end of 2 weeks. The event received overwhelming response, for the 1st time parents saw their kids speaking and performing in English. They also reported that their kids had started conversing in English at their homes.

We finally pitched to the parents for a paid program, making them realize the importance of knowing English in the present world. The micro-entrepreneur was very much concerned on whether the villagers will be willing to pay for such a program, as this is the 1st of its kind in their area. Surprisingly not a single parent raised any concern, they even started bringing their second child requesting us to enroll them too for this program. Some concerned parents even came to us to discuss about their child’s performance.

Since then lot of admission forms have been collected from the center. The 1st batch of paid program starts from 16th October, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.





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