Starting off with 2 Smart Education Centres

Hello Everyone !! We are very pleased as well as excited to tell you that we are starting of with two Smart Village Education Centres(read Smart Education Centre) across 2 villages in West Bengal.

One of the centres is being hosted inside the premises of a private school, which lies vacant from 11:30 am after the school gets over. The building is owned by a bookseller and the “After School Activity Centre” will be run by a teacher from the same school. We were initially bogged down by multiple problems in this village, but the bookseller being a entrepreneur himself didn’t let us leave, he had constantly called us and informed us that he will render every support to start and turn this into a successful centre. He has himself taken up all the responsibility to gather kids of the village, speak to the parents of kids and explain them the need of english language.

The second centre is being run by a person who is a part time hawker by day and undertakes tuition classes in the evening. He will be running the centre from his neighbours house. He is a wonderful guy and never lags behind in showing hospitality. He has done is Masters in Bengali from Calcutta University; but hasn’t been able to secure job, hence a hawker by profession. He comes up with innovative ideas on rural campaigning and proposes various processes on how the centre should be run; how the revenue model should be moulded as per demographics and how we should be creating champion kids from amongst our 1st batch at SEC(Smart Education Centre).

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