The Pilot Begins

It has been continuously raining in various parts of Bengal for 48 hours. The room lights are on and the news reporter has a tough time reporting about floods from all across the state. I was unsure about whether I will be able to start for Sunderban; the name itself scares my mom who is worried of his son becoming a lunch platter for the national animal.

Haloom !!!!!

The continuous downpour added to my worries. I had gone off to sleep hoping for a bright sunny day, only to be woken up by an anxious mind at around 4:30am. It was unfortunately raining cats and dogs now!!! I had decided to postpone all plans for the next day.

However, the heart knows what it wants. I woke up again an hour later, and to my surprise the intensity has decreased a lot. Without wasting a minute I went out on the road running to board the train.

I reached the village after a couple of hours. I was glad to make it, else I would have missed this beauty:

Although I am born and brought up in this state, living amongst the hustle and bustle of the cities had never let me to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of the villages. This experience alone was a nice payoff for my efforts.

Inside the school we started off with our pilot testing. Initially, the principal of the school, Mr.Raju, spoke to us for a few seconds, and assigned us a teacher who would be with us the whole day, to help us with our pilot. Here are some stills from the same :


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