Starting with Sunderban Pilot

The MM Hills trip had been very memorable for me. It was our 1st pilot and we were off with a complete unknown team, going to an area which we had only heard about in the news, and had always thought to be forbidden for travel. Nevertheless, I informed mom about the trip only when I was safely back to the city of Bangalore, who was more interested in knowing about my efforts in getting sandalwood for her for daily pujas and didn’t find anything worthwhile to ask about the trip.

I returned to Kolkata after few days, followed by Gargi joining me a week later. Together we started for Sunderban boarding Namkhana-Lakhikantapur train early in the morning. Using couple of autos and motor vans we reached the school, to be greeted by none other than the great entrepreneur himself Mr. Gazi Jalauddin, I will write about his life sometime later.

Mr. Gazi Jalauddin at the right , taken from one of our old albums

We started by visiting the 1st school set up by Gazi Kaku. Gargi interacted with the teachers of the school, explaining them about the games that we had designed for the kids of the school, how we wish to work with them and how we are planning to collect data. After spending about an hour there we started for the 2nd school accompanied by Gazi kaku himself.

On the way to the 2nd school

The second school is the 1st school started by Gazi Kaku, he has donated half of his house for running the school. The two schools are run by the combined efforts of about 20 teachers. We met the teachers over there, showed them the tablet based games, informed them of our cause and that we would like the kids of the school to use them.

With the teachers of the school, explaining them about the pilot to be conducted

Gazi Kaku invited us for lunch and after that we returned to Kolkata, to get prepared for the pilot phase to begin from the next day.

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